The Marketing Genius in Omaha

I confess I didn’t want to go to work on the Monday following the recent Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting.  I would have preferred to stay in my den, glued to CNBC Squawk Box .  That day Warren Buffett spent three hours on CNBC’s Squawk Box, recapping the Omaha meeting, weighing in on a wide range of topics .

Good stocks. Good guests. Good insights. It is a marathon display of simple wisdom from the Oracle of Omaha, for those who missed the Annual Meeting.  And, as Squawk Box broadcast live from NetJets’ headquarters, a Berkshire holding is spotlighted. From Acme Brick to JP Morgan to Burlington Northern, the priceless marketing opportunity plays out:  Berkshire promotion tastefully wrapped in sage investment thinking. His rapid judgments on Washington and Wall Street are spewed without spin. He is authentic in his mindset and generous with his evaluations.

Why does Warren Buffett keep coming back to CNBC? Is he captivated by the always-on-her-game anchor Becky Quick? Or is it all for exposure for the Berkshire holdings, from the companies Berkshire owns to the stocks in its portfolio? Is he burnishing his own legacy, along with Charlie Munger, as the most successful investor in 100 years? All of the above.

Warren is a marketing genius and his staff runs a well-oiled machine. The Annual Meeting in Omaha is a marketing production of the highest order – a land-sea-air attack of marketing; complete and well executed. And the CNBC session is a continuation of the air campaign.

Can’t beat the exposure for the Berkshire companies and holdings.  CNBC is effusive in its praise for Warren and special guest Bill Gates, who weighs in on the economy but is mostly there for Warren.

Watching from home, we are awestruck by the marketing genius of the Oracle of Omaha, who has once again pulled off the most successful marketing of an Annual Shareholder Meeting that US investors have ever known.

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