Deepening relationships can take your business to the next level

I’ve read dozens of marketing and business development books but few have earned a place on my office bookshelf. Breakthrough Business Development, a 90-day Plan to Build Your Client Base and Take Your Business to the Next Level, has earned such a place.

The premise is that you must deliver extraordinary service to differentiate a professional services firm. We all want to provide extraordinary service, but in fact, it is really difficult to accomplish. The book provides a step-by-step practical course for deepening client relationships, building chemistry and buying into your clients’ needs at a new level.

When you learn these principles, warmer and more satisfying client relationships develop. Breakthrough Business Development breaks things down into easily repeatable processes for learning your clients’ interests and passions and letting them know you truly understand what is important to them. In addition, the little things, such as preparing an agenda for each meeting and following up in the ways you say you will, are important steps in building trust and demonstrating competence.

Readers will observe that a book written by sales professionals leans a little heavy on affirmations, acronyms and tidy formulas for business development. If you can accept that, you will gain a methodology that incorporates some of the breakthrough principles that can be applied systematically, and still feels authentic and personal.

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