What does integrated marketing and communications mean to your clients?

When all forms of your communications are unified – sales, marketing, branding, messaging — you maximize the effectiveness of you message. Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) was a revolutionary concept back in the ‘80s, and later was expanded to include the “4Cs.”

  • Coherence – do your communications make sense as a whole?
  • Consistency – are your messages saying the same thing?
  • Continuity – do your communications endure for the long term?
  • Complementary – do your communications work together?

So, what difference does it make to you and your clients if your marketing mix ties together in a single message?

When your message is coherent, consistent, continuous, and complementary, you maximize effectiveness… and eventually profits.

Where is the “Connection”?

In today’s expanding media maelstrom, your marketing and communications require a fifth “C,” CONNECTION. And, in the financial services industry, that not only means marketing coordinated messages, it means engaging and connecting various audiences to your brand. Communications require integration plus connection.

Ask yourself:

  • How does your logo look? Does it match the look of your website? Are your client materials coordinated to generate response?
  • How do you speak to your clients? Do your messages, blogs, emails, and presentations speak in one voice, and enable your clients to participate?
  • How do you reach clients? Are your messages, sales materials and marketing collateral delivered in a synergistic way to engage your communities, social networks and the media?
  • Do you have a strategy behind your tactics that links to your various audiences?

Your Brand is What You Stand For

Today, grabbing attention is challenging, but engaging your clients takes a connection to your brand. (Read our white paper “Branding the Boutique Advisory Firm” co-branded with our client, TD Ameritrade Institutional). Make sure that each of your audiences can easily see, know and understand what you stand for. Make sure your personality comes through your marketing, and that audiences can easily connect with you and participate in your business.

As business mogul Warren Buffet once said, “Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it’s not going to get the business.”

LederMark Communications is a financial services marketing firm that helps advisors, portfolio managers and firms grow their businesses with effective marketing strategy and communications.

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