Santa collision near St. Michaels

ST. MICHAELS, MD – DECEMBER 13, 2011 – Santa’s packed holiday sleigh and eight reindeer crashed with a US Air Force/ St. Michaels (MD) Air National Guard Plane on Talbot Street in St. Michaels, Maryland. Or so it appears in a fun, holiday-themed display set up for more than two weeks now outside the pillars of River House near Oak Creek Bridge in Talbot County, Maryland. Santa is there, as is the Air Force pilot sitting next to a banged up Radio Flier wagon while an elf fishes a damaged tricycle caught in the plane’s tail mechanism. Even Dasher, Dancer and friends are at the “crash scene”, tethered together next to the fence they brought down.

It’s all in good fun. The display is capturing the imagination of local residents as a steady stream of passersby stop to capture the creative collision on their phones and digital cameras. Enjoy this offbeat display set up by Tom Blair, a collector of aviation and flight artifacts, who enjoys elaborate yard décor for several holidays each year. This particular scene is worth a drive – as long as you reassure young children that Santa is fine and will back on his appointed rounds in time for Christmas!  Have a Merry Christmas!

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3 Responses to “Santa collision near St. Michaels”

  1. Rupert Jones says:

    This F-104 Display, took a massive amount of planning and I certainly “take my retired hat”, off to this Dedicated Patriot!” 1st Rate. Merry Christmas, to all, please give Mr. Blair the well done praise and award, he deserves!

  2. Billy DeShong says:

    Great job! This has been my favorite christmas scene this year.When are you taking it down? Plan on coming over to look at it on new years eve?

  3. william f doyle says:

    Outstanding display
    (no pun intended).
    Please, where did Mr. Blair
    get the F-104?

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